This 4-step, 6-week program is designed to provide individuals and/or families with food options that may potentially improve one’s A1C and/or blood glucose levels. HEAT also provides options for those who may have dietary restrictions or desire to have healthier food options. 

It's not a diet.  It is a lifestyle change! Everyone has a diet, the way you eat.  This program is based upon an evaluation of the whole person - what you eat, ailments you may have, exercise, stress levels, and sleep habits.  From that, we work as a team to modify your lifestyle based upon your goals.

Step 1:

  • Getting to Know You!

  • What's On Your Plate?

      - Food Journal

Step 2:

  • Be a Label Reader!

      - Nutrition Facts & Ingredients

  • Pantry Clean Out!

Step 3:

  • Let's Go Grocery Shopping!

Step 4:

  • Cook Something New!

      - Prepare a new dish

Become a Healthier YOU!